Mediation and Arbitration

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Commonly called alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mediation and arbitration are often used to settle civil disputes. These disputes can range from simple business disputes to far more complicated land use and contract disputes.

In general, alternative dispute resolution is less expensive than litigation. The mediation and arbitration processes also allow for more win-win situations than a litigation process which ensures someone will lose out.

iStock_000018580648_MediumHow mediation works

In the mediation process, the disputing parties are represented by their own attorney. A third-party mediator who has no direct connection to the dispute works with both attorneys to try to facilitate a solution to the issue.

How arbitration works

Unlike a court situation, where a judge decides the outcome arbitration allows for evidence to be presented to a single arbitrator or to a panel of arbitrators. It is important to note that any decision that is handed down by the arbitrator is binding on both parties and will be enforced in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania courts.

In general, both mediation and arbitration tend to be less formal and in most cases do not take as much time as litigation. In addition, the process is far less expensive than litigation.

Anyone who is involved in any type of civil dispute has the right to be represented by an attorney even when they are using the mediation or arbitration process. In the event the dispute cannot be settled through mediation or arbitration, your attorney can then follow through with litigation. At the Lehman Law Office, we can help with all your civil disputes by offering our services to represent your interests during the arbitration or mediation process or if it becomes necessary to follow through with litigation.