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All I can say is AMAZING……I went into my prelim this morning expecting to have my charges bound over to court and ended up walking out with all my charges dismissed. Atty. Lehman was amazing and I would recommend her 100% to anyone. Her representation was second to none. Thank you Atty. Lehman and everyone in the firm that helped with my case.


Going into my last year at college i was facing two felonies, as well as six other charges totaling eight that could of landed me jail time and completely destroyed my future. Qiana took into consideration all the small but critical details of my case that helped the DA and Judge consider a plea to a summary harassesment. Yes you read that right. She was able to get two felonies, and 8 total charges down to a summary harassment. If thats not a great lawyer I genuinely dont know what is! Because of my age and the severity of the case , my mother was heavily involved in the interactions with Qiana and myself because she was so worried about my future. Qiana had no “obligation” as I was her client technically, but she recognized my situation and how i didn’t really understand the legal system, and she communicated back and forth with my mother and I on the plan of action and what we were going to do . My case extended into the COVID-19 pandemic, so my sentencing was via a zoom conference. Qiana spent the days leading up to my sentencing contacting everybody that would be in the conference, and making sure everybody was going to be on board, it resulted in the smoothest possibe sentencing “experience” i could of ever asked for . She also contacted the DA like i asked , to tell him not to read the FULL description of what happened that day, more of a summary, because the full description did not read very well and made me look terrible to be honest . She made sure every track was covered and we were ready to go. Qiana was also prepared with a hand written “speech” so to say of all the critical points she wanted to reflect to the judge. This was my first time ever being in any legal trouble, and NEVER plan to be in any ever again. BUT if i had to recommend someone that would fight for your future and provide excellent client support , I would definitely recommend giving Qiana a call.


Was looking at 2 felonies. She got my charges reduced to 1 m3 with a 25.00 fine. Best lawyer I ever had. And would use again if ever needed. God willing I won’t.


I was very pleased with the excellent legal services from Attorney Qiana Murphy Lehman.


Qiana just recently handled a case for me and she did an amazing job. She knows what she is doing and will stand with you through the whole process. I am so grateful to her and her team.


This firm has helped me get out of really bad jams quickly and effortlessly. I have recommended new clients to Lehman law over the past few years and everyone I have sent there has had amazing results. Lehman is now my permanent Law firm for me and everyone I know.


Thank you so much for all you did for my brother. You were also prompt, organized and professional. If your looking for an attorney in this county she is a front runner to consider. Thank you again for all your hard work!


I hired Qiana Murphy Lehman as my Lawyer for my case. She did a wonderful job at representing me. I was very satisfied with the results. I would recommend her to anyone. Top Notch Lawyer. And on her game. Thank you again.


Hired Mrs. Lehman for a criminal case. She works hard and diligently on the case and maintains consistent communication throughout. Originally was looking at 10 years and got off on 10 months. She is no joke. Top Notch!


I was injured in a car accident in which the other insurance company harassed me continuously requesting information and questioning if I was going to sue for damages. Their policy was a call to me every 45 days however as the case neared the 2 year mark the insurance company began offering me a poor settlement out of court and tried to deter me from consulting an attorney of my own. I initially consulted Qiana for her expertise and experience and learned very quickly the insurance company was not looking out for my needs. Hiring Qiana quickly provided me with peace of mind and ended all the harassing and pressuring calls from the insurance company. She managed all further communication and was able to settle for over 5 times the amount the adjuster initially offered with no court time required!!! She handled my case quickly and efficiently with my best interest in mind. Highly recommend! Best decision to call Attorney Qiana Murphy Lehman!


One evening after some poor decision making I received a DUI. Being from out of state and working here in PA I didn’t know what to do. I searched the internet for Attorneys and came across Qiana Lehman. Her reviews were all excellent and I noticed that she was also a former assistant DA. I gave her a call and from my first consultation I felt at ease with Qiana. She was very professional, Knowledgeable and a straight shooter. She me guided me through every step of the process and the outcome was better than I could have asked for. I was able to keep my license through the whole process and complete my 6 month work assignment here in PA. Qiana was exceptional and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing legal assistance. Thank you again Qiana!


The best attorney I could have asked for to represent me and get all my the charges against me dismissed. She knew exactly what to do without hesatation. She made me feel very at ease that these charges were going to all be dismissed. Anytime I had a question or concern she was available to help and had answers for me. I would recommend Attorney Lehman to anyone who needs an attorney.


Took care of a problem that shouldn’t have happened. Got the case dismissed. Well knowledged, great personality. Knows her stuff for sure. Best attorney I’ve ever used. Highly recommend her to anyone. Totally amazing.


After falling victim to racial profiling while driving a vehicle, 3 months after the incident I received a total of 8 charges in the mail. After doing some research to try and find the best lawyer, I finally decided on Quiana Lehman and I’m very glad I did! She was on time and ready to fight for my rights, she was not going to take any nonsense from anyone including the cop. The officer who wrote the ticket wanted me to plead guilty to different charges, not only did she get all 8 charges dismissed and brought it down to one summary offense. She is very knowledgeable about all the laws and rights, for her clients. She also stood up for my rights and made it clear in court what the officer did was wrong and injustice. If you’re looking for a lawyer that’s not only amazing at her job but truly cares about her clients, then Lehman is the one! My advice to anyone is to not go to the’ big time lawyers’ just because they have a name they everybody knows, I say go for Lehman who is not in it for the money but is there to make sure the right thing is done and truly cares. If I’m ever in a situation again where I need a lawyer, I have ms. Lehmans number on speed dial! Hands down the best lawyer I have had, keep up the good work Qiana and thank u for everything.


I walked into her office barely able to breathe and walked out with my confidence back after her making me feel great about my case. And everything she said would happen, did happen the way it did. You can’t put a price on that when it comes to your freedom. I would recommend her to anyone facing the charges I had and anything else in general. Again Thank you Qiana!


Ms Lehman represented me in court this morning in court where the horrible opposing side was trying To get me convinced for a felony . Ms Lehman is smart, determined and very dedicated to her work. I am trying to go to school to become a Pennsylvania state trooper and ms Lehman helped me maintain a good record to be able to pursue my goals. I will recommend Ms Lehman to anyone and I can say she cares about You and will do her best to help you. She cares about her clients as a person thank you Ms Lehman you helped me out in ways you do not know.


I consulted with her first, she looked at my case and told me that I had a very good chance of getting it knock down to a misdemeanor or a fine. I hired her the same day , two months later my two felony charges were dropped to a summary disorderly conduct charge, it was a very good outcome. She was easy to talk to, she was honest about the outcome of the case and kept me updated on what was going on, I definitely would hire her again and recommend her to anyone.


I’d like to say that Qiana bestowed me with full confidence about the case. I am deeply appreciative and thankful.

-Robert D.

Response time was very prompt and courteous and there was no guessing about my case all options were reveled up front no surprises and when the attorney said they were going to do something they did it in a prompt and timely manner thank you.


I was falsely accused and arrested for sexual assault. Qiana’s hard work, intelligence, charisma, and many other factors I will tell you about helped prove my innocence and earn a acquittal in a jury trial. I first hired two other attorneys I will leave nameless and they led me through my preliminary hearing. I never felt so doomed! I felt depressed and had negative thoughts going through my head at all times due to the poor representation of the former attorneys. I decided to make a change and retained Qiana… It was the best move I ever made in my life! Once I met with her I immediately trusted her and knew I was in good hands. My thoughts turned positive and I completely turned around my quality of life. I started planning my future despite the pending trial. I just knew everything was going to be ok. I was innocent and I knew Qiana would prove that on my days in court. She did more than that. Her courtroom presence and preperation is beyond words… Her cross examination of my accuser couldn’t have been better and made the jurors wonder why they were even there. After 3 days of trial came the closing arguments by both Qiana and the prosecutor. Qiana prepared a “masterpiece”!!! It was genuinely presented to the jury and once they went to deliberate I knew she had proven my innocence. I am so thankful to have chosen Qiana. I was facing 8 years!!! She was worth every penny and then some. I can never repay her any amount of $ for what she did for me. I saw her in her office with stacks of papers buried in my case. I can go on and on about her efforts and knowledge of the legal system. If you have any doubt about choosing attorney Murphy-Lehman [info withheld]. You can’t fool around with your freedom! Thank you Qiana!!!!!!!!!!!!


Attorney Lehman was the best decision my wife and I made. When we needed a lawyer to represent my wife When she had criminal charges filed against her. She has done even better than she thought she could. She got 90% of the charges thrown out right off the bat. Then 8% more of them dismissed also. Soon to be 100% we hope. Though out all of this she has been very supportive of my wife, and has kept her in the loop.


I was recently in a case with Children & Youth & I was getting falsely accused by Children & Youth of child abuse to a child that wasn’t even mine. So C & Y took my daughter . C&Y never inform parents what’s going on . I never got calls back from them so I was always worried but Anytime I called Qiana she always assured me she would do her best to make sure my family was reunited. She’s very compassionate with her clients . & VERY good at her job! Also VERY fast. & efficient . Without the help of this AMAZING attorney I would not have my daughter back . Thank you so much Qiana !


Qiana’s professionalism and expertise in her field is impeccable. She helped my family through a very difficult custody case and represented us with wonderfully. She is very knowledgeable, honest and passionate at what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone who asks.


I had Qiana represent me for free for a Children in Youth case. The CYS case worker was extremely unfair and corrupt. Qiana did everything possible to prove this and got my child back in my custody very quick but without all her hard work, this wouldn’t have happened. she always responded back to me very quickly and I recommend her to anyone. She is extremely nice and personable but when she needs to, she can be feisty and get work done. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED .

-Child Custody Client

Qiana was very knowledgable and helpful in regards to a legal issue I had encountered with my employer. This was a complicated issue that involved my union and eligibility for my current job position. She was able to explain the facts and did much research into NLRB, my union contract and the specific laws surrounding the case. She was very prompt in returning phone calls and extremely flexible with her schedule to accommodate mine. I was very pleased with her expertise and favorable outcome that was reached. I would highly recommend Qiana to anyone who is in need of a good lawyer.


Qiana has helped me more that once be being knowledgable about her practice and sharing her opinions without bias. She has also pointed me in the right directions more than once for community involvement.


I have known Qiana since we were in Law School together. More recently I had the opportunity to work with her/her firm on a matter. As always, Qiana is very intelligent, reliable, prepared and an excellent advocate for her clients. I would recommend her to anyone looking for representation.


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