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iStock_000019162609_MediumHaving a will to ensure your property is distributed in the manner you desire after your death is critical. All too often, people die “intestate” meaning they have no will and distribution of property is left up to the courts or for family members to figure out on their own.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has adopted laws that are known as Intestate Succession. These laws are largely designed to protect surviving spouses and any living children.  If someone dies and has no surviving children or parents, the surviving spouse would receive your entire estate. In nearly all cases, parents, as well as children are entitled portions of the estate with the first $30,000 going to the surviving spouse. In the event there are no surviving relatives, the entire estate would go to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Whether you are married or single, being able to dictate how your assets are to be divided upon your death is your legal right. A will must be written clearly and concisely to avoid problems in the future. All assets including personal belongings should be included when drawing up a will.

At the Lehman Law Office we can help you draft a will regardless of the size of your estate. Remember, the more assets you have the more complicated you will may be and failing to have a will could mean the state decides how your assets are divided.